Keep It Fresh and Win Big finally came to an end on 28th Feb 2017 after three months of participation. The campaign was the first of its kind in the country where a chewing gum brand was awarding its clients.


The grand prize, a brand new Subaru Impreza 2015 was given away at a colourful ceremony held at the Kenafric Industries on 8th of March. In attendance were all the executives of Kenafric Industries led by Mayur Shah the company’s Executive Director. In his very brief speech he appreciated the team that had worked round the clock to pull off the successful campaign terming it as a “visionary achievement”. He went on to urge the winners, who are now brand ambassadors for Fresh to remind Kenyans to buy Kenyan build Kenya.


As people waited to see who would walk away with the ultimate prize, Comedian Sleepy David had their ribs cracking.


The winner of the grand prize, one Samson Mbonya from Eldoret was in awe at the beauty of his win terming it a stroke of good luck for him and his young family. The father of two embraced his wife, who admitted to not being very supportive of his participation, as she broke into tears of joy. Kenafric Industries promised Kenyans to continue leading and staying ahead with their interests at heart.