The Young Scientists Kenya countrywide tour forges on. The past week the team was at Mau Mau Memorial Girls High school in Hola, Tana River county.

The sun being so hot did not stop the Y.S.K team from undertaking their well planned activities. A lot of activities were planned for the day. Mentor ship programs were in high gear for the students who seemed very eager to learn a lot.

Science, technology,engineering and mathematics are the main pillars of the Y.S.K movement. The Blaze tent was filled with so many activities:silent disco music, Virtual reality games, jenga Kenya games and play station games.


The students also got a chance to engage in interesting science experiments. This was to emphasis on the mentor ship programs that were given by the Y.S.K members.

Fun and games is always part of the Y.S.K by Blaze program. The Blaze crew ensured the students got a chance to win goodies proudly sponsored by Safaricom.

The Young Scientists Program journey moves on to other counties so do not miss the next one.It might just be coming to your county.