Ssup I-Qru,
Myn is for thanksgiving coz you guyz featured our skool in your cool mag. Am addicted to reading the copies you guys produce every month and for sure m-mepromote ma-teeniez ka mimi. Very soon ntawatumia my coolext snaps and hope zita-appear kwa The Insyder Mag. I will be doing this every now and then, just to make my school shine Brighter and Brighter. Xina mob I-Qru, MOB LUV, Am Awt!!
Alonxo Mwax (KIBEI)

Now ever since the legitimate leader Osama left us. I guess you guys be the best replacement of terrorists lol! Your mag is just the BOMB!!!##** IT’S SO KILLING YANI! It’s a healthy nuclear weapon, we even wondering why Aladeen hajakam kununua moja. All you do is rock us and we can’t help keeping it tighter than Taveta. We will always be your big fanz .
Keeping it locked like a solex, we screaming out YOLO!!
Grishon (bengbeng) n Wasyx

Am much privileged to get this chance to pass my salamz to the I-Qru team words alone cannot fit the fun that has been in high school coz of the Insyder . U’ve always attended most of the funkies it has al been maaaaaad fun!! You guys just made my life in high school a success and full of fun. Ganging from your high quality magz. Your beautiful team of chics and cool dudes. May you continue with the good work n God awabless! Muendelee IVO IVO!!!
Octopizzo- I’m his number one fan
Snyder – she rocks
Boydis – kutuwelcome kwa HQ
Felo – cares about our welfare
Mose – picha ziko juuest!!
Simoh ( NAIROBI)

Dear Insyder Staff,
I like your mag very much and the work you do with every issue in your magazine. Thank you for having put one of my drawing in one of your issues. I love the Insyder and all those who make the Insyder as it is. May you all be blessed.
Logging out…..
Grace Amuti

Hi I-Qru,
Hallarig at you as Khalid Mvoi from Oloolaiser High School (Ol’ Skul). Thanks for nurturing these young teens talents esp the Bic Mistari Art Competition and Floetry Fury. You extrenmely rock the thing. Fully swagged out I-Qru! *LOL* thanks for all these na big ups 2
SNYDER LUKALIA – Keep your swag moving
BOYDIS ADEGA –HQ Mistari zitambe
MOSEH – Picharazzi nayo
Looking forward 2 working with you after high school…
Khalid Mvoi aka Carlix

Hyx I-Qru,
Guyz ur killin it. Dropping it hot. Your issues so swagged up we love what you bring to us, got me craving 4 more. Keep de fire blazing haaaaaawt! We really appreciate your work.
Mbiri Kelvin (204)