Nick Cannon And Ncredible Entertainment Partner With Maxim Magazine


Nick and Mariah’s tale of lost love has entered into the second phase that all celebrity couples eventually go through; diss tracks. Ray J hit Kim Kardashians with the subliminal ‘I hit it first’; Wiz Khalifa recorded a song detailing how he fell out of love with a stripper faster than he fell in love; and Jordin Sparks,…God knows what ungodliness that was, but she got in on the act too.

This, however…this came from the most unlikely of quarters. The ever classy Mariah Carey used all seven octaves of her powerful voice on recording a track called ‘Infinity’. (Misleading song title, right?) So serious was she about it too that she posted a lyric video to accompany the song; why? Perhaps she wanted to prove that like sticks and stones, words CAN hurt. And wouldn’t you be hurt though? Put away your ‘#mwanaumeni’ hashtags for a second and think about it; what’s worse than seeing your ex-girlfriend sing about your lack of finances and adds lyrics to the video just for emphasis? How you would have no fame without her? How mad you are that she is doing well?

I’m here catching a serious feeling and the diss wasn’t even meant for me. While I look for a platform on which I can register my support group for oppressed men, check out the video here and let us know what you think.

By: Doug L Fresh          

Writer and Poet; has an unhealthy obsession with Outkast