Kenyan music has taken a drastic change over the past few years. The music industry has had different kinds of music, mostly with entertainment and some with teachings.

The Kenyan culture has always been a conservative one with the laws governing what goes to the public in terms of entertainment. In the recent years that has changed with no regulation seeming to govern the industry.

A few years back music was played and once it hit the airwaves, critics landed on it with two agendas in mind, either it was fit for consumption or dangerous to the public. An example was the ‘Juala’ song by Circuit.

The song was highly criticized by the public. They termed it as ‘dirty’ and negative influence to the youth. The truth of the matter is the song was actually to sensitize the youth on the youth on the use of condoms for responsible sexual undertakings.

Genge music was the kind of music which brought a change to the type of sounds being played on the airwaves. Genge music brought in a kind of vibe that showed that everything was acceptable in society. Sex was openly talked about and youth social life was shown publicly. There was no restriction as no songs were banned. There was some kind of modesty in words used and it would take a person some time to fully understand the lyrics. This is if you go forever without understanding the lyrics.

The youth in the country seem to have developed a new style of music. Topics of sex have seems to have gone overboard. There is so much being laid out the public in terms of lyrics. Songs talk about things that need to be hidden from the public and due to the catchy beats kids are getting the lyrics.

This is proving to be a challenge as some of these songs might not even have meaning, people just sing them for publicity and making money. There has been a notion of play Kenyan music. What kind of Kenyan music should actually be played if what is being produced is not fit for general public consumption?

Saba by Ethic
Psycho Kata Tenje

The law has not yet stated on the action for some kind of songs and they continue to get airplay in society.

Music is a form of art but is the form of expression by the Kenyan youth a way of elevating them music industry in the country?