kristoffAccording to numerous sources, Yvonne Darcq has been on a three month affair with rapper Kristoff. This comes as a shock as Yvonne has been romantically involved with Headbangerz producer Syddo for over 11 years even having two kids by him. I don’t know about y’all but that’s hell of a time in this industry where most celebrity relationships crumble in months. Prezzo, Abbas anyone?

Things, however, seems to have gone south. Over the past month, Kristoff has been featuring plenty on Yvonne’s Instagram. She even left her Westlands home and is now based in Eastlands. Kristoff has been insistent on the fact that they aren’t dating, dismissing it as rumours but that’s an old one.kristoff

They are just playing low, the signs are too glaring.


When it comes to hip hop, egos rule. You’ll recall ‘Hit em Up’ when Pac went all guns blazing at Biggie. A fierce rap diss it was but what really cemented it was Tupac’s proclamation of having slept with Biggie’s wife. Now, we could be seeing a widening rift between the Kristoff’s and Syddo’s camp. The two being influential in the hip hop scene and having many artistes linked to them, something is already brewing. Let’s wait and see.