Zari Hassan is a Ugandan star who leads her life in the most calm and collected manner.She is known for her high level of independence and self respect thus the name Zari the Boss Lady. Zari the boss lady has been facing major issues when it comes to her marriage life.She was married to the one and only Tanzanian music heartthrob Diamond Platinumz.The lavish couple has always been one to admire over time.They started on a high notch with amazing pictures on social media something that stimulated people to follow them just to ensure that they are updated on their current moves.However this didn’t last long since Diamond started suffocating their marriage with cheating allegations.Where there is smoke surely there’s fire….after the release  of the song Salome Diamond was alleged to have had an affair with the famous Hamisa Mobeto.To add salt to an injury, he even impregnated her!!

This is just too much for a lady who is married and has kids.This lady could actually trust Diamond and respect his career but that was just crossing a river for someone who couldn’t even peddle a boat just to save you.This created a buzz and obviously every woman would rant about it especially on social media.However this was not the sake for Zari she was so calm and didn’t create a big deal out of it.Could this be the definition of what a strong,independent woman means?She kept strong and continued taking care of her family hoping for better days.

The famous Tanzanian artist fell in the trap again and was alleged to cheat again with a vixen in another video.This is just too much.According to a recent post by Zari she finally announced that she decided to end her relationship with Diamond.As a result of cheating allegations.This is self love in 3D definitely.Most importantly she claimed to do this as a sign of respect,integrity,dignity and well being.Strong values she embraces there.Zari later clarified that they were parting as partners and not parents.It’s evident she’s a high spirited lady who doesn’t settle for less just because it’s available.

This is a wake up call to everyone out there, do not compromise your values for any reason.Diamond and Zari have been a celebrity couple and for every compromising person he or she would stick around just because of the celebrity status.This is a bold move and a defining one for the two.

By Kelly Kinuthia