Seems that getting robbed is becoming a thing now in celebrity world. But what do you expect when you are always flaunting your wealth on your social media pages? Just a few weeks ago international reality star Kim Kardashian was robbed at gun point inside a Paris hotels. Now the latest victim is non other that Zari Hassan, the socialite is best known for being Diamond Platnumz wife,


Just a few hours ago, the beauty took to her Instagram telling her followers that she had just been robbed off her handbag which contained some of her priced possessions and her iPhone obviously.


When a woman’s handbag is stolen it’s like your ‘world’ has been taken away from you… am literally stripped of everything. Cellphones, bank cards most importantly your ID. I hold no grudge on these thugs, I’ve prayed and handed them to God ‘coz life still gotta go on

This should be a wake up call to celebrities, you do not always have to flaunt your riches on your social media pages. Your fans already know that you are well off, they do not need a contant reminder. All in all, sorry Zari!