The past one month has been tumultous for one Zari. Her ex-hubby and baby daddy fell seriously ill in Pretoria, where she resides, and she had to go visit him since they have kids together. Then things moved from bad to worse as Ivan passed away. The journey has been tough, with Zari nad her family of three sons at the centre of everything, since Zari and Ivan had separated with her moving in with Tanzanian crooner Diamond Platinumz. During the funeral, Zari promised to take care of Ivan’s sons the way he would have loved it to be done. Well, it seems she will not just take care of the boys, but Ivan’s wealth too.

A meeting at Ivan’s Muyenga home chaired by businessman Godfrey Kirumira over the weekend came to a decision that Zari will take care of Ivan’s Brooklyn schools in South Africa, together with other colleges. This will not be a very difficult task as she resides in South Africa where her current hubby has bought her a mansion. Additionally, she was told to rent out one of Ivan’s houses in South Africa so as to help cater for Ivan’s boys’ needs.

Other people who have been tasked with taking care of Ivan’s wealth include his ‘Rich Gang’ mate King Lawrence (Lawrence Muyanja) and the late’s  siblings Ritah Ssemwanga and George Ssemwanga.

However, the four will only manage the assets till the boys are 18.