Uhondo reaching us from EA’s original gossip ragmag, Red Pepper, reveals some rather upsetting news from East Africa’s hottest entertainment couple. Looks like all is not so fluffy in Zariamond heaven. Diamond is stark raving mad at his bae, and things aren’t looking that good…

Diamond and Zari

For the past two weeks, word has been rife that EA’s #1 power couple, Zariamond have been growing apart causing suspicion of a break up. Apparently, it was rumoured, that the sensational singer was not happy with his baby mama’s allegedly worrying closeness to her ex-hubby Ivan Ssemwanga.

Shocking but reliable info reaching us from Tanzania where the couple is based is that Zari has been ballooned again. The gorgeous but aging (woooiii these Red Pepper writers are ruff!) socialite is believed to be four months heavy with her sixth child. According to reports by a Tanzanian daily, Zari got pregnant by Diamond barely nine months after the showbiz pair welcomed their first baby Latiffah Dangote.


Sources within Diamond’s Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) Records say that the pregnancy has been confirmed by one of the singer’s close relatives who preferred anonymity. However, the ‘Number One’ hit maker is believed to be unhappy with the pregnancy because the first child is yet to turn one.

It is also believed that Zari got pregnant on purpose as a way of silencing her haters who were predicting a looming break up. Contrary to earlier reports, sources reveal that the pregnancy is the main reason Zari and Diamond were two weeks back said to be at loggerheads. The insider says both Zari and Diamond’s families have held several meetings to solve the dispute that the unborn baby has allegedly brought between the pair.

Snoops have also established that the pregnancy is the reason Diamond has been frequenting South Africa hoping to iron out his differences with Zari over the unborn baby. It should be noted that Diamond wants to resolve the issue as soon as possible fearing what the public and his fans will say about the pregnancy.

“Diamond fears society will judge him harshly. Even some members of his family are shocked by the news of Zari’s pregnancy. They wonder, with the many methods of contraception, why she didn’t opt to protect against the ‘unwanted’ pregnancy. It has really caused tension in the family,” divulged the insider.

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