Zimmerman..Just a mere mention of the word insinuates some sort of thoughts.Its situated next to the Thika super-highway and at the foot of the great hills of Githurai. One may associate it with the following; Dirt…another may think of Bachelors and young spinsters.

Over the years, Zimmerman became the hub for young bachelors and newly-employed fellows due to Zimmerman’s pocket-friendly environment and ever-busy ambiance. Its only in Zimmerman where you will find JOMBUWA Enterprises(John Mbugua Wainaina Enterprises…The initials) which is a   barber shop and a bar all in one…Unanyolewa ukikunywa kimoja. Or a hospital next to a dump-site managed by a guy with striking resemblance with that Mbugua from the Faiba advert. You get contamination you just ponyoka to the nearest doctor. Ironical…right?

So when President Marcos of Philippines landed in Kenya in 1986, he happened to have found his way to ‘Zima.’ I also don’t understand why. President Marcos was a game trophy collector. He enjoyed the art of Taxidermy, for those who have never stumbled on this term, it is the art of stuffing and mounting dead animals for display…Yes like what is seen in the museum.

Five-star hotels, museums and millionaire collectors went to Zimmermann to buy ivory statues, rhino horn carvings, stuffed wildebeest, impala and gazelles, which also interested president Marcos, who ordered for stuffed game trophies for museums in Philippines.

Jomo Kenyatta’s State House – which he rarely used – also sourced its game trophy decorations from Zimmermann, as did other presidents, kings, queens and princesses… So for the inhabitants of Zimmerman, you can now proudly demand for a museum of your own and declare Zimmerman a historical city.